About Us

Aaron Turner the Owner opened Body Maxx Studio Gym 10 years ago in Downtown Gadsden Alabama to fulfill a lifetime dream.
After 30 years in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, he wanted to help people of all ages reach a healthy and fit lifestyle as well as achieve their personal goal of weight loss. Everyone wants to feel better, look better and enjoy a better quality of life
Aaron’s philosophy is you train your body, mind, and soul. It all works together. The concept of Body Maxx Studio Gym is to keep our gym like a private studio Many people are intimidated walking in the large gyms, especially if exercise is new to them, or if they have been out of a gym for a period of time. Body Maxx Studio Gym offers Cardiovascular equipment, functional; fitness equipment free weight area, as well as Personal training one on one. Cardio, Resistance training, strength training, flexibility, and nutrition all play a part in good health.


What do we consider fitness at Body Maxx Studio Gym? The level of achievement to perform any physical activity. We want to see our members have increased energy, less fatigue, increased alertness, and enjoy their life through daily tasks & activities.
Members tell us they have higher self-esteem, less stress, lose weight, sleep better, and have a decrease in anxiety once they join and workout on a regular schedule.. simply so Many health benefits it’s hard to name them all, and each individual is different.

Personal Training Studio

Why Hire a trainer? the biggest reason is to avoid injury in the gym. Proper use of equipment is the most important job of your trainer.
Your trainer meets with you for a Private Consultation to get general health information as well as ask your specific goal. For Many it is Weight loss or general health benefits, they want to look better, or they want to be stronger, they want to tone muscles. There are hundreds of reasons people want a trainer. Your trainer will be your coach, your motivator, your accountability partner and they will push you to achieve your goal.
Your trainer designs the workout plan to meet your fitness level. He helps you achieve your goal. The training rate depends on the number of sessions. All sessions are 30 minutes with the trainer. We suggest multiple days a week to maximize your goal. (most are 3 days a week) You will set a time with the trainer for your one on one training session. Call for details 256 295-8095.